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Get in the Shape of Your of Your Life! New Indoor Rowing Classes with RRA

The River Rowing Association is offering adult rowing classes at our new indoor training facility at 256 Main Street in Nyack. As of December 15th, classes will be offered at 9 am on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays; 7 pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays and Sundays at 9 am.  Please take a look and like our Facebook page.  Any updates will be published there first.

The workout will take place on the Concept 2 rowing ergometer, the training tool of choice for competitive rowers around the world.  Here's a quick run down on why rowing is so great:
  • Provides a full body workout - Many imagine that rowing is focused mostly on arms or upper body. However, because the rower's seat moves along a track, rowing engages all major muscle groups with every stroke - providing an excellent workout for the entire body. Rowing both builds strength and improves cardiovascular health. It's no surprise that Olympic rowers are considered to be the fittest athletes in the world!
  • Is low impact - while rowing can be as intense an exercise as you would like (intensity increases with effort), rowing is also a very low impact sport. With no jarring movements and little pressure on joints, rowing is something individuals of all ages can try. Anyone can learn to row.
Each class is $20, with discounted 10-packs available for $150.  Starting in January you will also be able to buy unlimited monthlies for $199.  Payment is expected before class begins. Please contact us with any questions at

For an interesting article on indoor rowing read Rowing Is the New Spinning in Harper's Bazaar.

As a reminder, we also offer a masters rowing team for any interested adults - no experience needed. Our masters program does not include a formal instructor to lead sessions - new rowers learn from the team's experienced rowers with occasional coaching from our coaching staff. Also, the masters team indoor training consists of rigorous workouts geared toward creating fitness for on-water rowing and racing in the spring, summer and fall (you don't need to race to be a masters rower, but the option is available in both team boats and singles). Masters train from 5:30am to 7:00am M-F and from 6:00am to 7:30am on Saturdays.  Rowers attend practices as their schedules permit. Anyone interested in joining the RRA masters rowing team can contact us or simply sign-up online via our website.

Fall Season Closes - Winter Indoor Training Starts in New Facility

The RRA's Fall Season came to a close in early November, but not before some new major accomplishments were reached.  The Youth team competed at several fall regattas.  As usual a number of our crews won medals - including:

Head of the Passaic: 1st in boys' Varsity single, 3rd in girls' Varsity single, 1st in girls' Varsity four, 1st and 2nd in boys' Varsity quad, 3rd in girls' Varsity quad, 1st in both girls' and boys' Varsity double, 1st and 2nd in girls' Novice quad,  3rd in boys' Novice quad
Head of the Riverfront: 3rd in boys' Varsity quad, 1st and 2nd in boys' Novice single, 3rd in girls' Novice quad
Head of the Schuylkill: 3rd Place for JV girls, while the girls' Novice quads came in first and second

But the standout success for this fall might be the girls' Varsity 4+, which having practiced in a sweep boat (one oar each rower, instead of our typical sculling where each rower uses two oars) for only a couple of months, placed in the top half of racers at the Head of the Charles to give the RRA an automatic qualifier for next year's race.  The Head of the Charles is an international race, with over 10,000 rowers this year coming from around the world to compete at this marquee event. This is the first time one of our youth boats has qualified a boat for the following year's race and is a testament to these young ladies' efforts and skills.  We are also excited by the number of our seniors who have already been recruited to collegiate crews and are anxiously awaiting a few more results.

In the meantime, we have found a new home for our winter training - 256 Main Street in Nyack.  We have been searching for a location where we could set up our rowing machines and weights for several months.  This location opened up in November and offers us a grand space for all our equipment. Our volunteers have already cleaned it up and painted the floor.  More work needs to be done, but winter training is moving ahead at full speed.

The RRA is a not-for-profit 501(c)3 registered organization. We rely on your support.

Enrollment is currently open for all 2014 Junior and Master programs.

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In November of 2010, River Rowing invited Laura Schwanger, Paralympic Rowing Champion to our Annual Gala for a talk. Watch the video.